With our In-Kennel Training, you can give your dog a vacation and training camp all in one while you are on vacation or at home. Your dog will be kenneled at our facility and we will thoroughly train him/her in complete obedience. Your dog will learn to "Stay" for 30 minutes, come to you when you call (recall), on/off leash "Heeling" and more using verbal commands and hand signals. Included in this 35-day course will be a complete lecture and demonstration on how to handle your newly trained dog.
Group Classes    
We also offer an 8-week training class with individualized attention. We will teach you how to train your dog using methods that take others years to learn. Throughout the class, you will be taught all of the commands covered in a private lesson. Classes are limited to eight (8) students, and classes fill quickly so call now for more information or reservations.
Obedience (Level One)    
We will teach your dog the Heel, Sit, Stay, Down, and Recall commands. Calero also guarantees your dog will perform these commands whether on or off-leash.
Puppy Classes    
We at CCE know the importance of building a strong foundation for your new puppy. Whether you are aiming to use the dog for show, obedience competitions, or simply desire a well-behaved companion, we can give you the results you're searching for. Proper socialization (improper socialization brings negative results) is a must in order for your puppy to develop his/her fullest potential. We are currently offering two free training sessions for puppies under four months of age.
Behavior Modifications    


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