Our canine camp will soon be open to members only! Trained dogs that went through our program and customers who bought from Calero Canine Education are automatic members!

Calero Canine Education has purchased a 25-acre ranch in El Dorado Wine Country, which Roman is planning to turn into a canine camp and training facility. The ranch is located on Fairplay Rd. in Somerset California amidst award-winning wineries in El Dorado Wine Country. The property is circled by a creek and surrounded by tall cedar, pine, and oak trees.

Walking distance from the ranch are some of the 18 famous wineries of El Dorado Wine Country, namely (from the closest to the farthest): Fitzpatrick, Single Leaf, Granite Springs, Charles B. Mitchell, Oakstone, Latcham, Perry Creek, Firefall, Sierra Vista, Chateau Rodin, Coulson, Jodar, Madrona, Lava Cap, Boegar, Gold Hill, and Venezio.

At present, Roman is very busy building the canine camp in El Dorado Wine Country. It will be open for members only. All of our clients whose dogs we trained in obedience will automatically become members. He invites all his clients to visit the wineries in El Dorado Wine Country and drop their dogs off to the canine camp and he will review their obedience. Some of the wineries have bed and breakfast such as Fitzpatrick and others. Unfortunately they cannot accommodate your dogs, so bring them to us and we will take care of them.


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