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Without correct structure and overall good physical health, a dog will never develop to its fullest potential as a working dog. Hip dysplasia that is prevalent in the German Shepherd breed is now being frequently diagnosed in the Doberman breed because of indiscriminate breeding. For this reason Von Dizen breeds only dogs whose background were carefully studied and OFA certified with a minimum "Good" rating.

This time we are proud to present the breeding of Calero Sonny Boy Von Dizen & Sequia's Coco Von Dizen who are both certified OFA "Excellent".

O.F.A. #DP-7301E52M "Excellent"Calero Sonny Boy Von Dizen

Is a medium size, sleek, strong impressive dog with impeccable working temperament. He is high driven in all phases of work. People are always impressed with his obedience routine. The President of Schutzhund club commented, "He looks as if he floats on air". Sonny's drive is tremendous. He will play ball with you for as long as you want or probably until he drops.

Calero Sonny Boy Von Dizen's pedigree goes back to some of the greatest working lines in the history of the breed like Feus V. Nymphenburg (his grandfather), Guy's Hilo V. Norden Stamm and Bronco V. Zenn to name a few.

Sonny is a proven sire. He has produced strong and excellent looking dogs like Drex, Duke, Doc, Duchess, Prince, and others. Duke Von Dizen was evaluated by a well-known German trainer as having exceptional working drive and is probably one out of five hundred Dobermans including those in Germany.

Sonny is great around children, neutral adults, and other animals but a terror in the protection part of work. He is so willing to please and is very eager to do his best for his handler. He has a deep love for human companionship and passes it on to his offspring.
Sequia's Coco Von Dizen

Is a very beautiful yet strong bitch. Her Sire is champion in conformation and has earned a UDX title, one of the highest obedience titles that a dog can have in the American Kennel Club (A.K.C.). There were twelve champions in just four generations of her pedigree on her father's side (not including sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, etc).

Her pedigree on her mother's side goes back to well-known working and show lines in Europe like Feus Nymphenburg, Bronco V. Zenn and the Diaspora lines.

Coco has an excellent working drive that is hard and sure. She is excellent with children and adults, but strictly business when it comes to protection work. Coco whelped six healthy puppies on March 22, 1999. The puppies will go to show and working homes.

Dobermans  |  Puppies



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